Miss Teen India/Miss India/Mrs India 2022-2023

Please read the following carefully before registration or using our services and any ignorance on the part of the contestant/customer is not the liability of the company.

The International Glamour Project is a trademarked and registered entity under the aegis of Dynamic Sports and Event Management LLP & TIGP Productions Pvt ltd.

A Contestant means the Contestant attending/participating in the National Grand Finale 2023 and who has completed all formalities including payment of all Registration Fees in full. A contestant/customer who has filled out the form and/or paid fees online through the website registration form or payment gateway is bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.

Fee Structure:

As a Registered contestant of The International Glamour Project® Miss Teen India | Miss India | Mrs India 2022-23, a contestant is liable to pay a registration fee in order to participate in the auditions clearly mentioned on the Registration Page of the website.

Upon selection, the contestant will receive a Selection Letter via email which will be valid for 30 days only. The contestant may take a screenshot or a printout for their reference as no hard copy will be provided for the same. If the contestant fails to fulfil the payment of the Pageant Entry Fees in the abovementioned time period, the selection will stand null and void. In that case, The International Glamour Project will select another contestant for the Pageant competition in place of the previously selected contestant. If the selected contestant accepts the selection offer and completes the payment of Pageant Entry Fees then she will be eligible to appear for Round 1 & Round 2 which are the preliminary rounds of the Pageant Competition. After Round 2, there will be eliminations, and only a selected cohort as per the scores (above the cut-off as decided by the jury panel) will be eligible for Round 3 and further rounds leading upto the National Grand Finale. If any contestant does not participate in Round 1 and/or Round 2, you may no longer be allowed to participate and compete in the further rounds of the Pageant Competition.


The contestant will receive 2 LIVE Online Training Sessions with the Mentor which are included in the abovementioned Pageant Entry Fees which are titled as Training Session 1 & Training Session 2. Please note that there is no extra charge for these two Training Sessions.
Any additional Training (online/offline) will be chargeable as per the option chosen by the contestant. The contestant is free to choose a Training Program given by TIGP. Please note that this Training Fee is optional and is completely dependent upon the choice of the contestant. If the contestant chooses to get trained by The International Glamour Project, it does not mean that the contestant is eligible to bypass any of the Rounds of the Pageant Competition.

All Fees mentioned above, in partial or full, are non-refundable under any circumstances. This condition is mentioned in relevant emails including Selection Letter and relevant payment receipts.


  1. As a contestant of The International Glamour Project® , I agree to submit valid and truthful information regarding my age, gender, marital status, proof of residence and nationality.
  2. I state that I am female by birth and identify as a female.
  3. I understand and agree to present a positive image of The International Glamour Project® and its participants at all times, before, during, and/or after the Pageant. I will conduct myself with dignity, grace and good manners whenever I represent myself as a Finalist of The International Glamour Project. If I win any award or a title or a crown, I will carry the recognition with dignity, grace and elegance. This includes postings on all social media as well as coverages related to print, digital, online media, events and physical appearances before, during and/or after the Pageant competition which states about my participation in relation to The International Glamour Project.
  4. I understand that the pageant is not a political platform, and I will not make any statements, opinions or convey views that could be misconstrued as biased or inflammatory, on but not limited to any forum, social media, online or digital or print media or internet before, during and/or after the pageant. I will not use my title to endorse any political figure or promote any political agenda or anything that creates any situation of national or regional disharmony during my pageant participation or my reign as a title holder.
  5. It is agreed that I will not besmirch, use defamatory remarks, be offensive or use derogatory language in any way whatsoever, either in person or on any social or community media, e-mails, mobile phone messaging or any other form of communication before, during and/or after the pageant. By entering this competition, I am aware that the judges are independently appointed and that their decisions are final, justly and fairly given and represent their own opinions. I have been made aware and have acknowledged that the final verdict has nothing to do with The International Glamour Project® & its staff. I agree to abide by the final decision and to behave in an acceptable manner that does not cause upset or embarrassment to myself or others. I also agree that me/my family members/any living person associated with me would not use any form of media to defame the Founders of The International Glamour Project, the conduct of the Pageant competition, judges, contestants, or staff in any way whatsoever and by doing so, I am fully aware that my involvement or comments would be considered most seriously. Damages would be sought via the Indian Judicial system if I violate any of the clauses mentioned. Any dispute arising out of, by or against The International Glamour Project® in respect of any Civil, Financial matter or otherwise, the jurisdiction for the same will be Navi Mumbai/Mumbai. Any dispute before, during and/or after the pageant competition arising out of, by, between or against the parties will be resolved by appointing arbitrator/s by The International Glamour Project®, and the decision of that arbitrator/s will be final and binding on both parties.
  6. I have been informed and explained and I agree that any behaviour that is deemed to be unacceptable, including but not limited to libel, threatening, bullying, fighting, theft, racism, sexism, slander or any insulting comments, whether it is personal, political or religious, by me or by my family/friends will not be tolerated in any form before, during and/or after the competition and will be dealt with very severely. This will result in my dismissal from the competition and other organised events. The International Glamour Project® would not cover any costs I incurred in such a case. I will compensate The International Glamour Project for any loss without disputing it.
  7. I understand and agree that if I qualify to participate in The International Glamour Project®, the management of the said pageant retains full and final authority for any decisions regarding the assignment and authorisation to use the Sub Titles and National Titles. I understand and agree that should an intellectual property conflict arise; The International Glamour Project® will require me to change my Sub Title or National Title. I agree to comply immediately and in perpetuity upon notification. I also explicitly agree that I will not participate in any other beauty pageant or personality contest or any such similar competition, either in person or virtual, without explicit written permission/consent from The International Glamour Project® till I am a registered contestant or a reigning titleholder with them.
  8. I understand and agree entirely that The International Glamour Project® may reschedule the pageant to conform to its commitments. The pageant may even be postponed for reasons that will/may not be disclosed. In any case, mentioned or not mentioned in the document, myself/my legal guardian/parent(s) is/are not entitled to any refund of fees paid by me/by my legal guardian/parent /person on my behalf to The International Glamour Project®, including but not limited to the owners/employees and people and/or entities in business and/or associated with The International Glamour Project® during and after the tenure of the pageant.
  9. Should I drop out, become disqualified and/or be rendered ineligible (to be determined solely by the management of The International Glamour Project®) to compete further in the pageant, The International Glamour Project® has the option of accepting a new contestant to take my position without my consent and without any prior notification of disqualification given to me. I am fully aware and agree that I’ll not be refunded any fees I have paid in parts or full under any circumstances. I will not ask for any refund at any point in time once I appear for auditions till and beyond the conduction of the said event or competition.
  10. I certify that I am of Indian heritage. I accept that I may be subject to immediate disqualification if any of the documents I submitted are found to be fabricated and/or modified.
  11. I understand and agree that if I am selected as a Contestant or National Titleholder, all decisions concerning production, promotions, photographs, advertising, program, media, social media, internet, website, endorsements, testimonials, appearance, and all other aspects of The International Glamour Project® Pageant as well as throughout my reign (of 1 year from the date of Crowning) and beyond are solely at the discretion of The International Glamour Project®.
  12. I understand and agree that the annulment policy will be implemented if I and/or people associated with/to me, including but not limited to my family, cause any embarrassment or bring the company’s reputation into disrepute, my title will be withdrawn and passed to the runner-up. Should a family member or a member of my entourage cause the incident, the same rules would apply.
  13. In any event or condition not present as of the date of this/our agreement, not reasonably foreseeable as of such date and not reasonably within the control of either party, which prevents in whole or in material part the performance by a party of its obligations hereunder (other than the obligation to make any payments of money due or owing) or which renders the performance of such obligations so difficult or costly as to make such performance commercially unreasonable, The International Glamour Project® reserves the right to decide the future course of action. Without limiting the preceding, the following will constitute events or conditions of FORCE MAJEURE; Acts of God, Acts of civil or military authority, state or government actions, embargoes, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots, pandemics, insurrections, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, volcanic activities, clouds and or eruptions, power blackouts, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, strikes, lock-outs, slowdowns, work to rule, trade disputes or labour disturbance, acts of highways authorities, or any other significant environmental disturbances, unusually severe weather conditions, acts or omissions of a third party/as beyond the control of the parties hereto.
  14. I have been told about all deadlines for photographs/videos/payment and contestant information, and I promise to adhere to them fully during and after the pageant. I also have been told, and I agree, that I will not sign a contract of any nature whatsoever with any Advertisement agency/ Talent agency or any other agency without written consent from The International Glamour Project® till the completion of the Grand Finale event or till such time as I am a contestant. If I become a Title Holder, I will not be signing a contract of any nature, VERBAL OR WRITTEN whatsoever with any Advertisement agency/Talent agency or any other SIMILAR COMPANY or be a freelancer for a period of one year from the date of winning a title. I understand and agree that I may lead to AUTOMATIC WITHOUT INTIMATION OR NOTICE disqualification if any of the deadline(s) mentioned/not mentioned in this document are not adhered to by me.
  15. I understand and agree that I will not be entitled to use any title and sash during any promotional activity other than The International Glamour Project®. Should any such situation arise, I will seek permission from The International Glamour Project® in writing via email and wait for their reply before using any title and or/sash.
  16. I am fully aware that there is a registration fee at the entry-level and once selected, there will be a certain fee to enter into the following levels. I am also aware that additional training will be charged over and above the said fees. I agree to pay the said fees for the subsequent group (s) in the specified time, duration and preferred modality as per the policy of The International Glamour Project®. Suppose I fail to pay the said fees or, in case of failure to complete payment from my side within the time period stipulated by The International Glamour Project® in that case, the company has all the rights to cancel my spot, and I will not be eligible for any returns/refunds of the payment already made by me. I also am aware and fully agree that the EMI option is only for the convenience of the Customer/Contestant. The company has the right to disallow me from contesting in the event until I do not complete my payment of any fees related to the company. The company will give me reasonable time (15 days after due date) to fulfil the payment of fees, failing which I may not be allowed to participate in the event, and I am not liable for any refund of any fees paid. I agree to the fact that till such time that I do not complete the committed payment of fees in full, I may not be given full service, and I am not bound by any act of the Government of India related to consumer or otherwise as I have not yet completed the payment in full.
  17. I agree that I am not allowed to engage the judges in conversation before or during the competition. I know that the contestants who are observed approaching a judge(s) or Company team members and employees by any means will be subject to immediate disqualification. Judges may be on the site of the competition, but private conversations or contacting judges by any means are strictly prohibited.
  18. I understand and agree that The International Glamour Project® has the right to use the photographs, videos and other material/details related to me for their promotional activities in perpetuity and future concern at their discretion. I shall never protest for such right, nor shall I claim any amount or compensation in respect of the said right granted to the Company.
  19. I hereby agree that I will not participate in any International Pageant or Similar competition on a direct basis without written consent from The International Glamour Project®. If I fail, I am liable to face legal charges and penalties.
  20. I will not hold The International Glamour Project® responsible for any monetary, physical or emotional loss/damage to property or physical injury that occurs/caused to me on account of my participation in the competition and during the events organised by the company. I will participate in the contest at my own risk & responsibility.
  21. I agree that all rules and regulations made by the company are subjected to modification as may be deemed necessary by the company without prior notice and/or intimation to the contestants. All the changes/modifications of these terms and conditions by the company will be accepted and abided by me during and after the phase of the competition without any protest.
  22. I hereby certify that I am not involved in any porn, nudity, illegal activity or any other adult activity prohibited by the Law of India, neither in the past nor at present and will not be during the tenure of the competition. Beyond, if I am found doing such activity in the future, my title will be abolished and my crown and sash taken immediately. Also, I am aware and in complete agreement with the fact that The International Glamour Project® may take any legal action against any such activity done by me without any demur.
  23. I hereby agree to release unconditionally and forever any claim against The International Glamour Project®, its officers, directors, employees, agents, or subsidiaries, which they may have, by their participation in this pageant or any use of their name, likeness, voice and/or biography in connection with this pageant, including use in promotional and advertising material.
  24. I agree to indemnify The International Glamour Project® and its employees and agents and hold them harmless against all costs, claims, proceedings and demands due to or arising from any breach of conditions, use of the portal, or violation of any laws, regulations or rights of third parties.
  25. I am aware, and explained and I give my consent that the competition/event begins with Round 1, which can be in collaboration with another competent organization. This Round is part of the social media challenges Round of the Grand Finale event of 2023, and I am fully aware of the rules, regulations, and terms and conditions of the Round.
  26. I agree that I have read AND understood the above terms and conditions in detail mentioned in this document and on the website and understand them entirely and I have been given a copy of this document. I state that I agree to these terms and conditions by my own choice for the participation of myself or my child/ward after carefully reading and understanding all terms and conditions mentioned hereafter. I am under no pressure and/or obligation from any living/dead entity to give my consent and agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned above. I also state that I will not hold any entity, living or dead, including but not limited to the owners/associates/ people employed by/employed for/associated to/in business with The International Glamour Project®, responsible in case of conflict or any unforeseen situation. I also state that all information provided in the form is true and accurate. I know and agree that any fact/detail about myself or my child/ward’s personal /professional life which may contradict my declaration and/or may appear as falsified, ambiguous or inaccurate when compared to the guidelines of the International Glamour Project® can get me/my ward instant disqualification from the competition and/or lead to the abolishment of my title (if given) at any time as per the discretion of the Management of The International Glamour Project®. KINDLY NOTE THAT THIS IS AN E-COPY of the Terms and Conditions that the contestant has agreed to. This becomes binding on the contestant after she completes her payment towards the Online Auditions and onwards.

(The physical signed copy needs to be submitted to the staff of The International Glamour Project® during the Offline Training or by visiting the office if you get selected in the auditions, and a counter copy will be handed to you immediately. Please note that contestants will not be allowed to send the signed copy by post)