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Miss Teen India 2020

A Dreamer, Believer, and Next-Gen Leader who has the zest and commitment to make a difference.

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Eligibility Criteria

For Miss Teen India 2020:

  • Age Limit: 14-19 years of age
  • Height: No Height Criteria
  • Language: English/Hindi are the officially accepted languages on both, National and International level.
  • Status: Unmarried
  • Citizenship: Indian/NRI/OCI

Rules & Regulations

For Miss Teen India 2020:

  • All naturally born females are admissible to Miss Teen India Category.
  • The female candidates who have/will have completed and/or attained the age of 14 years on/before October 1st will be considered for eligibility. The age limit for the Miss Teen India category is 14-19 years of age. The contestant should not have attained more than 19 years of age by October 31st.
  • All participants should be legal and law abiding citizens of India possessing and exhibiting a valid proof of Indian Origin.
  • The participant should not have any pending/current criminal/civil suit and/or investigation with the Indian Judicial system.
  • The participant should never have been married or given birth to a child to qualify for this category. Candidates below 18 years of age must provide written consent and indemnification from their parents/guardian(s).
  • The contestant must have high morals, supreme ethics, poise and should embrace the journey sportingly.
  • The contestant should diligently make a significant and sincere effort to adhere to the rules, policies and deadlines of the pageant.
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