The International Glamour Project

Post Audition

Your Journey as a Finalist

7 Days

Practical Grooming & Coaching of 100 Hrs.

It’s the little refining flourishes that make all the difference. To help our selected finalists develop skills to confidently present themselves throughout the pageant, they will receive 7 days (100 hours) of practical grooming and training from industry experts..

Online Grooming Sessions

Selected finalists will be provided with 25 online grooming sessions that are designed with the sole purpose of teaching them to exude the presence of a queen!

Fashion Portfolio

A strong fashion portfolio is essential as it opens doors to opportunities for aspirants. All our finalists will get their fashion portfolios done by leading fashion photographers and groomers to showcase their potential.

Endorsements & Opportunities

The wonderful ladies who will make the cut as finalists will be presented with a slew of brand endorsement opportunities. They will represent some of the best beauty and lifestyle brands.

Media Interviews

All our finalists representing in 3 categories of Teen, Miss & Mrs will get ample of opportunities to engage with media as well as receive recognition on digital and social media platforms.

Gifts & Goodies

Our finalists will be treated to a plethora of special gifts and goodies because we believe that beautiful women deserve all the pampering and attention!

Personalized Journal

A personalized journal with a magazine-style cover to help our finalists document their journey is one of the many exciting gifts they will receive!

Hair & Makeup

We are pulling out all the stops to ensure that our finalists look crown-ready for the grand finale! A big part of this is the hair and make up, both of which will be taken care of so that our Finalists look and feel their best on the BIG DAY!

Grand Finale Outfit

A spectacular event calls for a stellar outfit, don’t you think? And that’s what our finalists will get for the grand finale from us!