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The International Glamour ProjectTM is more focused on all-round personality rather than just beauty. It is an inclusive pageant system that encourages women from all walks of life, right from students to entrepreneurs to professionals to career holders, to participate and discover their true strengths. They are provided coaching and training by world-class mentors to hone their skills in 25 different areas specific to their personality with respect to Pageantry as we believe in creating ‘Women Leaders’. And when such strong values form the edifice of this Pageant, objectifying features like age, height, weight, and waist size take a backseat and stand no consideration. It is only the ‘Inner Glamour’ that is valued at The International Glamour ProjectTM.
The International Glamour ProjectTM is designed to encourage and inspire women to find, hone, and rejoice in their unique beauty. The entire premise of The International Glamour ProjectTM is predicated on self-development and self-empowerment. The most important gift that every young girl and woman who participates in this Pageant takes away with them is that of “enabled agency”. They become alive to their own boundless reservoir of potential and the strength to effect positive change in their lives and of those around them.

The International Glamour ProjectTM envisions equipping every young girl and woman on her evolutionary path with the skills she needs to become the best version of herself. The International Glamour ProjectTM curates Coaching Sessions with world-class mentors, former international titleholders, reigning National as well as International Beauty Queens, fashion industry experts, entrepreneurs, international and national authors, celebrities, health experts, and luminaries from diverse fields to give the contestants direct access to experienced peers and pageant veterans who they can turn to for advice and guidance. Professional training is imparted to contestants in areas including ramp walking, public speaking, interview skills, media relations, hair & makeup, health & fitness, communication, social event etiquette, personal branding, and image management.


There are career opportunities aplenty for the contestants. From brand endorsement opportunities to media interactions to volunteerism to modelling contracts, a slew of exciting avenues open up for the contestants, enabling them to launch and supercharge their careers.

  • Personality
  • Style
  • Spark
Requisite : ‘Inner Glamour’
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Most Asked Questions

No! This is not a consideration at all! You can be a student, doctor, entrepreneur, working mom, musician, dancer, housewife, bodybuilder, fashion designer, sportswoman, or anyone with a dream and we invite you to apply for The International Glamour ProjectTM. The only kind of models we are looking for are Role Models!
Without a shadow of a doubt, a BIG YES! The International Glamour ProjectTM isn’t just a pageant system but also a springboard to further one’s international career. The developmental training imparted to the finalists arm them with the knowledge and tools essential to launching a successful career in the international arena. Upon selection, as a finalist, you gain access to The International Glamour ProjectTM‘s vast network of international mentors, employers, and resources to meet, grow and succeed in the career path of your choice. Whether you aspire to become an International Model or an International Speaker or an International Author or an International Fashion Expert, The International Glamour ProjectTM will be the wind beneath your wings and support you to achieve your dreams.
There are absolutely no age, height, or weight criteria necessary for getting selected at The International Glamour ProjectTM. Gone are the days of false ideals of womanhood and pedestalized antiquated beauty standards. The International Glamour ProjectTM is anchored in values of body positivity, diversity, and inclusivity. It warmly welcomes, recognises, and celebrates women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and ages.
Again, no! Our contestants come from different places, vocations, and dreams! Most of our contestants have little to no prior pageant experience behind them and that isn’t a hindrance in any way! Once an applicant is chosen as a contestant of The International Glamour ProjectTM, she is professionally trained to flourish on personal, professional, and humanitarian fronts.

To become The International Glamour ProjectTM Miss Teen India, one must possess a malleable mind, thirst to learn, and passion to grow as an individual.


To win the title of The International Glamour ProjectTM Miss India, one must have the utmost faith in oneself, be willing to become a role model for other young women, and the insatiable appetite to become a positive force in society.


To clinch the title of The International Glamour ProjectTM Mrs. India, one must have the fire to carve an identity apart from the assigned traditional roles, the zeal to take on new challenges, and the maturity to lead by example.

The International Glamour ProjectTM is proud to have prominent figures from the national as well as international glamour and pageant industry on board as Mentors. Our illustrious panel of mentors includes names such as –


Dr. Akshata Prabhu

Ms. International World India 2020, CEO of The International Glamour ProjectTM, International Public Speaker, Published Model, and Pediatric Dentist.


Dr. Aditi Govitrikar
Mrs. World 2001 SuperModel, Bollywood Actor, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, and Winner of Gladrags Mega Model contest, 1996.


Alesia Raut
SuperModel, Ramp Walk Expert, and Fashion Choreographer, and Co-founder of Cocoaberry.


Anjali Raut Gill

Fashion Model, Fashion Choreographer, Pageant & Personality Coach, and Co-founder of Cocoaberry.


Siddhaanth Surryavanshi

Popular TV Actor, Entertaining host, and SuperModel.


Susmita Patel
Ms. International World Global 2018, Published Model and Owner of SP FashionDirect LLC.


Jillian Spano

International Runway Model, Official Selector of New York Fashion Week 2.0, International Pageant Coach, and CEO of Next Paige Productions.


Chace Colette

Miss Continents 2019-2020, Model, and International Winner World Championship of Dance


Ashley Behrens

Winner of World Championship of Performing Arts, Model, and Choreographer.


Dr. Shuchi Kalia

Spiritual Mentor, 4th Runner Up of Mrs. India 2019.


Contestants competing for Miss Teen India, Miss India, and Mrs. India titles undergo professional training and coaching for topics including ramp walking, public speaking, interview skills, media relations, hair & makeup, health & fitness, social media etiquette, performing arts, personal branding, and image management.

There are limited places available for the Miss Teen India, Miss India, and Mrs. India categories. The International Glamour ProjectTM receives thousands of applications from aspirants from India and overseas, however, only those who get through the audition round begin their pageant journey with us.
YES! The International Glamour ProjectTM collaborates with distinguished experts from the glamour, fashion, pageant, wellness, fitness, and beauty spheres to curate exclusive coaching sessions for the finalists. The fee is for the professional guidance and training given to the finalists that will stay with them beyond the competition.
Aside from winning the hearts of the judges and audiences, The International Glamour ProjectTM titleholders will be winning scores of prizes and perks. First and foremost, the titleholder will get the chance to don the coveted Crown and Sash. She will also walk away with a trophy for her achievement. The titleholder will carry with her the pride, culture, and heritage of her country as well as the responsibility of representing it internationally in the best possible light. Here are the rewards and opportunities The International Glamour Project Miss Teen India, Miss India, and Mrs. India will be reaping:
  • Endorsement Opportunities for National & International Brands.
  • Sponsored flight tickets and stay for the International Pageant held in the USA.
  • Official Queen photoshoot with a leading Celebrity Photographer.
  • National & International Interviews on TV, Print, and Radio.
  • International Magazine Feature and Interview.
  • International Magazine Photoshoot.
  • International Fashion Shows & High-Fashion Photoshoots.
  • Access to Coaching Material and Sessions by International Mentors.
  • Opportunities to be invited as Jury/Guest of Honor.
No, you cannot participate or attach yourself with any other pageant system when you are competing in The International Glamour ProjectTM.
While The International Glamour ProjectTM does not necessitate having a passport as a qualifying criterion for the competition, however, should the finalist win the title they must apply for the same to be able to travel for the International Pageant in the USA.

Every stage of a woman’s life represents specific experiences, challenges, and behavioral attitudes. The International Glamour ProjectTM envisions equipping every woman—whether she be a young girl, a married woman, or a working mother—with guideposts and a mature understanding of herself so that she can seamlessly segue into the next phase of her evolutionary journey.


The International Glamour ProjectTM Miss Teen India is a transformative platform for young girls between 14-19 years of age. Her journey with The International Glamour ProjectTM will be replete with life lessons, friendships, and abilities she’d need to be primed with to transition into a bright young woman. From the fabulous array of opportunities that will come her way to the slew of essential skills she will learn under the tutelage of renowned mentors, her experience during her journey with The International Glamour ProjectTM will be life-changing.


The International Glamour ProjectTM Miss India provides a progressive milieu to women 19 years of age and above so that they can cultivate the requisite talents and skills to become role models for countless others. Women who come under this category are beacons of hope, dream-chasers, and history-makers—all they need are the right signposts, hand-holding, and opportunities to realize their goals. And that’s what The International Glamour ProjectTM provides.


The International Glamour ProjectTM Mrs. India is designed to empower women who are determined to find themselves and their sparkle beyond their role as a wife and/or mother. It’s a platform that galvanizes the fabulous misses around the world including married women, single mothers, and working moms to reclaim their identity and marinate themselves in rich experiences and opportunities.